Of Energetic Pegs and Digital Politics

A digital currency pegged to a fiat one sounds clean, but in practice can be very complex. For example, the Bitcoin and proof-of-work style communities are very decentralized and prone to volatility compared with other commodities. As such, pegs would have to be agreed upon by all.

Up and Uninterrupted with Peercoin - 13 Proof of Stake Minting

Tutorial and steer on how to set up your local wallet to earn money by holding coins using Proof-of-Stake minting, in this case on the Windows OS. Includes i...

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CoinTelegraph Blackcoin Announces 'Proof-of-Stake Concordat v2'
While, as the span and the white paper is quick to point out, proof-of-stake has been secure enough to prevent any serious security breaches to its 15 – 20 million dollar exchange (not to mention the markets of other proof-of-stake coins like NXTCoin

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New Anonymous Cryptocurrency Cryptographic Think (CRT) Features Automatic Interest Payments
With CRT’s genuinely anonymous cryptocurrency transactions, its innovative proof of stake interest payments made with CryptoBank, and the unpredented integration of ZeroCoin, NovaCoin and PeerCoin technologies: Cryptographic Specie is a true standout in the ...
BitBeat: Blackcoin Tries to Stake Its Proof as Legit Bitcoin Choice
Blackcoin isn’t “mined” like bitcoin, it’s “minted,” utilizing a proof-of-stake set as opposed to bitcoin ... Others using this system include Nextcoin and Peercoin. The upshot is that blackcoin transactions can be confirmed in less ...
Uninspired merchants struggle with decision to accept Bitcoin or not
Whether Bitcoin (and its multiplying imitators, including Litecoin, Peercoin and Dogecoin) represents a according with forward remains to be seen. If a critical mass of users is reached and if mechanisms are put in place to regulate and safeguard the currency ...
Cryptocurrency Gossip Round-Up: Hope for MtGox as Silk Road Bitcoin Sold
All other significant altcoins have followed in bitcoin's footsteps, with dogecoin, litecoin and peercoin all seeing gains in value between ... and has agreed to give US and Canadian creditors a 16.5% stake in the swop once it is sold to them.
Imagining a In fact Alternative Bitcoin
Novel in proof-of-work or proof-of-stake network security ... and the free market’s greatest motivator is profit. Even coins like peercoin and dogecoin, which are designed with trace, measured inflation (as opposed to the tendency of most cryptos ...


Peercoin - Take possession of & Sustainable Cryptocoin.
Generating proof-of-stake blocks requires far less spirit than generating hardware-intensive proof-of-work hashes. This means that over time, the Peercoin network ...
Peercoin - Wikipedia, the release encyclopedia
Peercoin, also known as PPCoin, is a out-to-peer cryptocurrency utilizing proof-of-stake and proof-of-work systems. Peercoin is based on an August 2012 paper which ...
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