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Vericoin Cost Rises Dramatically Most altcoins are little more than carbon copies of Bitcoin or another popular cryptocurrency. However, Vericoin offers a throng of unique features such as Veribit, which enables users to spend Vericoins at stores that accept Bitcoin, and Veribank, an upcoming third-celebration feature that will pay users variable Proof of Stake interest.

Darkcoin Overtakes Dogecoin, Peercoin

Darkcoin is a new cryptocurrency developed by Evan Duffield which focuses on anonymity. Distinguishable from with most cryptocurrencies, Darkcoin transactions are pooled t...

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CryptoCoinsNews Weekly Altcoin Word Update: Vericoin Price Rise, Cryptsy USD Trading, and More
scandal stories that have flown under-the-radar, but deserve coverage. This week's update examines the impressive engender of the Vericoin price, the introduction of Cryptsy USD markets, and a new Peercoin marketing campaign crowdsourced by the community.

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Cryptocurrency Gossip Round-Up: Swiss Dismiss Digital Currency & Bitcoin to the NYSE
Such solidity was not mirrored by other markets, with litecoin, peercoin and dogecoin all dropping in value by enclosing 5% since yesterday. Only the privacy-focussed darkcoin saw any significant positive movement amongst the big players, jumping by over 13% ...
Transmit Next Gen Offers Youth Unlimited Potential
Litecoin and Peercoin. Cryptocurrency can be prospect of as information currency, which is projected to become the future form of technology and money. The founder is hoping to become the number 1 ratings force in the market, while providing opportunities ...
Cryptocurrency Truthful-Up: Bitcoin on Stock Exchange, Miners Threaten Decentralisation & App Store Wallets
Most other important cryptocurrencies - including dogecoin, litecoin and peercoin - have experienced similar fluctuations, though currently the markets are benefitting from a slight rebound in prices. DigitalBTC has suit the first ever bitcoin company to be ...
BitBeat: Blackcoin Tries to Enclose Its Proof as Legit Bitcoin Alternative
The altcoin has been climbing the market-cap leaderboard, recently cracking the top ... Others using this modus operandi include Nextcoin and Peercoin. The upshot is that blackcoin transactions can be confirmed in less time than bitcoin transactions.
Darkcoin races on Peercoin with 82pc surge
After affliction a heavy fall on Tuesday, cryptocurrency Darkcoin is ending the week on a high, racing past rival digital currency Peercoin to happen to the world's third largest cryptocurrency. Darkcoin has jumped 82 per cent in just 24 hours with a market ...


Peercoin - Pompous Site
Market Cap Mount up to Supply ... Peercoin also employs other advanced security features including enforcing transaction fees at protocol level to champion against ...
Peercoin Market (PeercoinMarket) on Cheep
The latest from Peercoin Market (@PeercoinMarket). ... Trends tailored just for you. Trends bid a unique way to get closer to what you care about.
Peercoin – Sum up 4 – Peercoin Gained Popularity With ‘PoS ...
Peercoin – Sum up 4 – Peercoin Gained Popularity With ‘PoS ...
Missed the Bitcoin Staff? Get Rich with These 5 Alternatives
Missed the Bitcoin Staff? Get Rich with These 5 Alternatives
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