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Denmark’s effective-currency bourse says it will become the world’s first to allow clients to swap dollars and euros for NXT, the fourth-largest crypto-payment manufacture which until now has only been traded via bitcoin. The CCEDK Crypto Coins Exchange Denmark ApS, which opened in May, will start offering the service today, Chief Head honcho Officer Ronny Boesing said in an interview.

Up and Constant with Peercoin - 07 Quick Tour of BTC-E Exchange

Tutorial and influence on the BTC-E exchange which can be used to buy and purchase Peercoins and other altcoins and crypto-currencies. Playlist: http://www.youtu...

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CoinReport A Narrow-minded Altcoin Sanity: Peercoin
Bitcoin and Peercoin coexist. Bitcoin is in use accustomed to as the “reserve currency” of the cryptocurrency world; the asset in relation to which all others are considered. Bitcoin is not commonly tempered to for simple transactions due to high costs of exchange. Peercoin

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Essential currencies used for illegal activities pose real threats to law enforcement
Accepted currencies like Bitcoin, Peercoin, Litecoin and Ripple are digital representations ... For example, in July 2013, the Securities and Exchange Commission charged a convention that used Bitcoin in a plot to deceive investors. Later that same year ...
Strategies: Bitcoin and other crypto-currencies and the foreign payments dilemma
Other primary players include Namecoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Peercoin and Mastercoin ... This enables a user to trade currency through an exchange, or survive purchases online with any merchant that will accept Bitcoin. The user may or may not know the buyer ...
Peercoin (PPC) New Crypto Coin Listed Now on Danish Exchange CCEDK
Blokhus, Denmark — (SBWIRE) — 06/25/2014 — CCEDK ApS – An EU registered Crypto Currency Exchange located in Denmark with Multilanguage Interface and Multiple Currency Pairs, is Jubilant to Announce the Listing of Peercoin on Their Exchange. Apart from ...
Localities adopting understood currencies amid dollar collapse, economic downturn
That is why the examine-to-peer decentralized digital currency market is fast becoming crowded with alternatives, such as bitcoins, litecoins, peercoin, primecoin ... The prevailing exchange between the STLCoin and U.S. dollar is: 1.00STL to $0.15USD.
Danish Exchange CCEDK Donation Direct Payments from 1000-Plus Banks in the EU
Danish cryptocurrency exchange CCEDK, whose fling we covered last month ... As soon as we get your money in euro, we send you Bitcoin, Litecoin or Peercoin or any of the other cryptocurrencies to be listed in coming months.” Boesing said he plans ...


Peercoin Mining Info - Peercoin Network Info - Peercoin ...
Peercoin (PPC) crypto currency bumf. View a summary of Peercoin mining information, Peercoin exchange rate history and exchange charts, as well as Peercoin ...
Peercoin moves into highlight with Vault of Satoshi deal
As the third largest cryptocurrency in the time, peercoin, will Peercoin shine brighter thanks to its new community development push?
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