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Bitcoin P2P Network Visualization

This is a unfeigned-time visualization of a node connecting into the Bitcoin P2P network, a living and beautiful network.

Latest news

CoinTelegraph Beepi becomes Opening P2P Car Marketplace to accept Bitcoin
The governments might not be docile to admit that Bitcoin is a currency but anything that you can use to buy a real automobile should be considered money. Bitcoin might not have even existed ten years ago but the range of products that you can now buy 

Thematic Books

How to realize Bitcoins - Step by Step
Published by John Stevenson 2014
In shepherd, I will guide you step by step to getting your first bitcoin. With a price of 1 bitcoin = USD 900, bitcoins have an extremely high value for their use. In this guide, I will set up up in no time and continual to mining, earning, getting and cashing out your first bitcoin. Highly recommended for novices, intermediates, experts alike. There is something for everyone!
The Web of the People
Published by Juan Chamero
The Web is a layer on top of Internet that for uncountable belongs to the people. In my humble opinion this was not planned, but an accident, the consequence of the appearance of a revolutionary technology as it happens along the evolution. Before Internet advent communications media, newspapers, Radio and TV worked unidirectional, from a de facto “Established Order” side to the “People’s” side “broadcasting” programmed pieces of advice and knowledge, from sellers to buyers, from rulers to ruled, from teachers to students, from truth holders to truth seekers. The Peoples’ side is explored via Darwin, an AI Ontology that capacitate us to see the Web more and better focusing in Social Networks and the Deep Web, for many the hidden Web. As a demo a Darwin agent makes over Established side a “tomography” for the piece art history, from Altamira Caves to Nanoart.
Assurance and the Networked Society
Published by Springer Science & Business Media 2014
ISBN 9783319023908,331902390X
313 pages
This book examines technological and societal events during 2011 and 2012, a period that saw the rise of the hacktivist, the move to mobile platforms, and the ubiquity of social networks. It covers key technological issues such as hacking, cyber-offence, cyber-security and cyber-warfare, the internet, smart phones, electronic security, and information privacy. This book traces the activate into prominence of these issues while also exploring the resulting cultural reaction. The authors' analysis forms the basis of a discussion on future technological directions and their latent impact on society. The book includes forewords by Professor Margaret Gardner AO, Vice-Chancellor and President of RMIT University, and by Professor Robyn Owens, Go-between Vice-Chancellor (Research) at the University of Western Australia. Security and the Networked Society provides a reference for professionals and industry analysts studying digital technologies. Advanced-plane students in computer science and electrical engineering will also find this book useful as a thought-provoking resource.

Bing news

How bitcoin is fixing some of the web’s biggest problems
But what happens when a tornado hits your accommodation operator’s data centre? The fact that bitcoin is purely digital, public, secure and peer-to-peer (P2P) means that computers can perform tasks together and based on rewards automatically. This is time after time ...
French to expel bitcoin transparency; Finns to broadcast bitcoin data through TV network
A two month airman will begin in September, enabling Finns to receive real time P2P network data for bitcoin and FIMKrypto transactions through any digital TV and expressly software without the need of Internet or mobile network connection. The partners say ...
Cardinal One Seeks Operations Manager Who’s Passionate About Bitcoin, Other FinTech
Preferred qualifications for the Digital Operations Superintendent position include understanding working in a regulated bank environment, interest in bitcoin, mobile wallets, mobile payments, beacons, predictive analytics, and even P2P lending. This isn’t the ...
Is this South Africa’s Bitcoin?
However, unequivalent to Bitcoin, Madibacoins (MDC) are not currently exchangeable ... network and crypto-currencies – we simply run the network that provides the P2P Network that makes madibacoin workable,” the founders said. “Madibacoin is about the ...
Bitfin Day One: Group Talks P2P Payments and Isle of Man Details Bitcoin Plans
Day one of the Bitcoin Pay for 2014 Conference and Expo (Bitfin) in Dublin today featured discussion on the basics of bitcoin, the wider opportunities of digital currency and a out of sight first. Jeremy Allaire kicked off the first day’s events with a talk ...


Bitcoin - Direct source P2P money
Bitcoin uses look-to-peer technology to operate with no central authority or banks; managing transactions and the issuing of bitcoins is carried out collectively by ...
Bitcoin (比特幣)是一種開源的 P2P 虛擬貨幣,無法跟 ...
Bitcoin (比特幣)是一種開源的 P2P 虛擬貨幣,無法跟 ...
La monnaie virtuelle Bitcoin suscite bien des fantasmes et take care of ...
La monnaie virtuelle Bitcoin suscite bien des fantasmes et take care of ...
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