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We’ve all heard of Bitcoin, but have you heard of Namecoin, Litecoin, Mastercoin, Betacoin and Sphere. How did it all begin. Pre-millennia, there was ‘E-gold’. Boasting ‘better money since 1996’, by 1999, the Financial Times called it “the only electronic.

CoinTalk 015 - Bitcoin Miami 1/5 - Ethereum, Mastercoin and Bitshares talk over the future of crypto

Today's event is a hybrid episode, CoinTalk and Let's talk bitcoin headed to Sunny South beach Miami for the North American Bitcoin colloquium and got the ...

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CryptoCoinsNews Weekly Altcoin Talk Update: Brock Pierce Resigns from Mastercoin Foundation ...
Allowed to the weekly altcoin news update, where we examine important altcoin stories that have gone under-the-radar. This week's article examines Brock Skewer's resignation from the Mastercoin Foundation and a huge Bitcoin bounty 

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Assistance bitcoin with dollars
Brock Into, ad-industry entrepreneur Reeve Collins and Mastercoin’s CTO Craig Sellars are in this Realcoin venture together to bring the new realcoin into reality. Fathom explains Bitcoin as a cryptocurrency and the Bitcoin blockchain to produce ...
Dillon Gage's Terry Hanlon Spoke At Chief Coin Conference 2014 In Vienna, Austria
Terry Hanlon, president of one of the paramount international precious metals dealers, Dillon GageMetals, spoke at the Master Coin Conference 2014 in Vienna, Austria, on “The Changing Vista of the Bullion Business in North America” on June 18.
Cryptocurrency Gossip Round-Up: Major Markets Fall & 50 Cent Embraces Bitcoin
The only greater digital currency to see a rise in price has been mastercoin, the cryptocurrency and communications protocol built on the bitcoin block chain. After falling to as low as $7 over the definitive few days, mastercoin saw its price rise by almost 150% ...
The Victory 'Bitcoin 2.0' Crowd Sale Was A Wildly Successful $7 Million Disaster
“I told them they should characterize as about a digital token. We introduced them to the core devs at the Mastercoin Foundation.” Secret Money: Living on Bitcoin in the Real World, by Forbes wand writer Kashmir Hill, can be bought in Bitcoin or more ...
These Guys Are Creating A Mainly New Internet Using Bitcoin And They Are Having Surprising Success
What if you were to give the internet a makeover, changing it so that it's wholly ... They accepted bitcoins in payment and something called "mastercoin," a "programmable money layer" that lets anyone create their own cryptocurrency.


Mastercoin - Lawful Site
Overseer Protocol: The Smart Property & Distributed Exchange Protocol Layer For Bitcoin
Mastercoin | Chief Protocol: The Smart Property ...
The duty of Mastercoin Foundation is to become the standard protocol for smart properties and virtual currencies on the Bitcoin network by providing peer-driven ...
Mastercoin Specs:
Mastercoin Specs:
Website: Mastercoin || Titter: @mscprotocol
Website: Mastercoin || Titter: @mscprotocol
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