How to Coalfield Both BTC and LTC on Gridseed 5-chip GC3355 ASIC

The 5-intercede Gridseed GC3355-based ASIC devices that support Dual Mining for Bitcoin and Litecoin are not that easy to be occupied in the Dual Mode, because you need to have two different software miners running at the same time. There is a bit of specifics in what and how you need to do in order to extract both BTC and LTC at the same time and after a bit of tinkering we have managed to.

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Questions of Customers

douglas g douglas g says:
where can you buy litecoin?
digital currency...where? how can you buy? Thankyou
postal p says:
Buy Litecoin with Paypal / Attribute Card : Step 1 : Go to VirWoX (Click here) and register your account by clicking on “Not registered yet” link. Once you carry out the registration, login to your VirWoX account. Ignore...
Elektro Elektro says:
How we can inform on with CryptoCoins, and where? Is there a protection system, like paypal?
I'm a miner, and I have a CryptoCoins (BitCoins BTC & LiteCoins LTC). I'm looking for a online snitch on, where I can use my Coins directly (without cashing them out as dollars first). And I want to be protected, because once I've bought stuff from a...
Kittysue says:
There is no shield when paying with cryptocoins. it's not like Paypal or a credit card that will refund you if you get scammed or don't get what you order

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UK's largest dedicated BTC miners broach cloud mining, LTC mining
UK's largest dedicated BTC miners usher in cloud mining, LTC mining. by Armand Tanzarian @ 2014-06-02 03:18 PM. Facebook. Twitter. G+. Pinterest. What started out as “a few Bitcoin enthusiasts” mining coins with excel hardware in October 2013 has 

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Getting the Most From Your Design-Viewing Experience
at at a stroke on-screen without having to fuss with window sizes and the like. Several options are available, which include a 2×2 Bitcoin chart (labeled ‘The Source), a 2×2 BTC/LTC/DOGE/NXT Chart, and Triptych BTC Chart with BitStamp Orderbook. This allows ...
Darkcoin Announces That They are Now Listed on Bitfinex
Bitfinex trades exclusively in the damned best that crypto-currency has to offer, and only two coins have ever met their criteria: Bitcoin (BTC) and Litecoin (LTC). Until now. The Darkcoin team is chuffed to announce that Bitfinex has chosen to list Darkcoin ...
LTC Postpositive major Management to Participate in the NAREIT REITWeek 2014 Conference
LTC Properties, Inc. NYSE:LTC announced today that elder management will participate in the NAREIT REITWeek 2014 Conference in New York City. The conference is scheduled for Tuesday, June 3 from head to foot Thursday June 5, 2014. Presentation materials will be ...
Lincoln Tag along College Elevates Business Communications Courses with Help of Mitel and Frontier Communications
Lincoln Carry along behind College (LTC), an Illinois Eastern Community College, has implemented the latest business communications solutions from Mitel® (Nasdaq:MITL) (TSX:MNW) and Bourn Communications Corporation NASDAQ:FTR to improve its course offerings.
FXOpen Offers Bitcoin, Litecoin and Gold Accounts with No-Accumulation Incentive
The key features of FXOpen Crypto accounts( are: — Smallest commission for withdrawals (e.g., 0.001 for BTC, 0.01 for LTC, and 0.1 for NMC); — No conversion costs when depositing, trading, and withdrawing the profit made.


LTC/BTC 2-days charts from BTC-e - Litecoin
Archaic Low High Open Close Volume; 2014-06-07 11h: 0.01712 BTC: 0.01733 BTC: 0.01721 BTC: 0.01715 BTC: 2,522.49 LTC: 2014-06-07 12h: 0.01711 BTC: 0.01715 BTC: 0.01715 BTC
BTCMerch - Bitcoin/Litecoin billing processor, bitcoint ...
Merchants get BTC/LTC; No want to wait days; Learn More. Easy to use. Copy/paste the HTML code; No paper work; Callback is available; Learn More .
API 5CT BTC LTC STC 9-5/8 casing couplings 13-3/8
API 5CT BTC LTC STC 9-5/8 casing couplings 13-3/8
Gridseed LTC + BTC dual mining organization kit **SOLD OUT**
Gridseed LTC + BTC dual mining organization kit **SOLD OUT**
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