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A twin of a Government-issued photo ID for the Bidder (or Control Person(s) of Bidder) $200,000 USD deposit sent by wire give originating from a bank located within the United States (please provide receipt of transfer) So if you have the funds for buying 29,656.... What is fascinating about the move from.

MtGox USD to BTC e Bitcoins in 1 blink

MtGox USD to BTC-e Bitcoins in 1 transcript This video shows the transfer of MtGox USD funds via the integrated Bitinstant functions of BTC-Trader to the BTC-e e...

Questions of Customers

Brian Gomez Brian Gomez says:
how can i change USD to BTC at the BTC-E?
i've tried all the systems and i just can not identify a site that's legitimate and supports my country. is there anything at all that i can do?? - i'm looking for a site where i'm able to send my USD to purchase BTC. all i see is.. and...
how do you m out the value of a currency?
If 1 BTC is value 80 USD then how many BTC is 1 USD worth? There must be an equation that will allow me to work out this problem no matter how much prices might change day by day.
cactusgene says:
Yes, you wholly use the inverse ratio. If 1 BTC is worth 80 USD, then 1 USD is worth 1/80 or 0.0125 BTC.

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CryptoCoinsNews Bitcoin Amount Rebounds after hitting 550 USD; US Marshals Hold Bitcoin Auction
bitcoin rebounds As I predicted the Bitcoin cost hit 550 USD early this morning (EST). Even though the price trend looked to be bearish, the price drop of more than 60 USD per BTC that we seasoned today was probably mainly caused by US Marshal.

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Bitcoin Crop, Market Awaits Auction
If we on to decisively break lower, BTC/USD may fall back to the 50% Fib retracement near $550. A move below the $545-$550 support area will mean an end to the common upswing. To the upside, we can find resistance levels at the round $600 figure ...
Bitcoin Rallies 12$, OK Concoct Brings Back Margin Trading
ForexNews Recommmends Click Here To Learn More. Bitcoin is trading 12$ up today. Most of the gains came in today’s Asian trading seating, when BTC/USD rallied from $586 to $596. Looks like we are preparing for another assault on $600. The momentum of ...
US Marshals Accidentally Revealed Who's After the Silk Avenue Bitcoins
Nearly 30,000 BTC—or almost $17.7 million dollars at the time of print—is going under the hammer. The coin will be sold off in nine 3,000 BTC chunks, with a certain chunk of 2,657. That's a colossal amount of cryptocurrency, and a tempting buy for anyone ...
BTC/USD: Mt. Gox gets consent for US bankruptcy protection, Wednesday, June 18: Mt. Gox has received court sanction for US Chapter 15 bankruptcy protection, giving it time to complete the sale of its business. Judge Stacey Jernigan of the US Bankruptcy Court in Dallas, Texas, yesterday approved Mt.
Authority Bitcoin Auction: Buying a Pile of Money
This should make good predicting the outcome of the auction relatively easy. One BTC is equal to one BTC. Or to think about it like USD, one dollar is one dollar. If bitcoin is truly a currency, this would be like the rule just decided to auction off $ ...


Курс BTC/USD - Курс биткойна к рублю
Данные для построения графиков получаются ежеминутно через API биржи Время на ...
Конвертация Bitcoin (BTC) и Доллар ...
Калькулятор для того чтобы преобразовать Bitcoin (BTC) или Доллар США (USD) с использованием ...
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BTC-USD Apr 27
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