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Headline Talk from - June 6, 2014

Xapo Bitcoin Debit Calling-card to Launch This Month - CoinDesk - "The card, which caused quite a stir in the bitcoin community in April, will grade turn over out by the end of June to be accepted by any business that accepts debit cards or credit cards from its network partner, says Xapo. " California gets hip to bitcoin: Senate banking.

Alternative Cryptocurrencies - broad list of all Bitcoins alternative out there [EN]

These are the most importent alternatve Cryptocurrencies: Worst: -BTC Bitcoin - first, strongest, most accepted, most mined, high volume market, a true curre...

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Bitcoin Edges its Way onto Fence Street
There are some sad or hesitant opinions out there about whether or not the currency has what it takes to become a fully functioning and practical alternative to conventional tough currency. However However, while gold has depreciated about 2

Thematic Books

Bitcoin 123 Good Secrets - 123 Most Asked Questions on Bitcoin - What You Need to Know
Published by Emereo Publishing 2014
ISBN 1488524793,9781488524790
76 pages
There has not at all been a Bitcoin Guide like this. It contains 123 answers, much more than you can imagine; comprehensive answers and extensive details and references, with insights that have not in a million years before been offered in print. Get the information you need--fast! This all-embracing guide offers a thorough view of key knowledge and detailed insight. This Influence introduces what you want to know about Bitcoin. A quick look inside of some of the subjects covered: Diaspora (social network) - Growth, Bitcoin protocol - Bitcoin mining, Peer-to-peer - Other P2P applications, Embarrassingly parallel - Examples, Decentralized Autonomous Corporation - Proscribed Entities, Reddit, Bitcoin protocol - Mined bitcoins, Ripple (monetary system), - Bitcoin, Online gambling - Funds transfers, Bitcoin standards of behaviour - Process, Ripple (monetary system) - Ripple Labs, Alternative currency - List of alternative currencies, Bitcoin protocol - Website wallets, Online gambling - Provably middling gambling, Silk Road (marketplace) - Seizure and arrest, Foodler - Features and services, Litecoin - Transactions, Litecoin - Recital, Bitmessage - Development, Bitmessage - Operation, Electronic money - Hard vs. soft electronic currencies, Byzantine fault tolerance - Utilitarian Byzantine fault tolerance, New York State Department of Financial Services - 2013 news, Silk Road (marketplace) - Sales, Unusual cryptocurrencies, Botnet - Formation and exploitation, Silk Road (marketplace) - History, Defense Distributed - Founding, Bitcoin protocol - Payment verification, Estimation, Bitcoin protocol - Bitcoin wallets, Ransomware (malware) - CryptoLocker, Proof-of-work schemes, Bitcoin protocol - Daily wallets and "physical" bitcoins, Bitcoin protocol - Timestamps, Silk Road (marketplace) - Further reading, and much more...

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Bitcoin and Litecoin Auction Instal - eBay Alternative For Cryptocurrencies
The principles offers a similar service to eBay but with the secure, anonymous, charge-back free, and low fee payment environment cryptocurrencies provide ... CryptoThrift also has a `Wrist-watch List´ function, gallery, a history section where the user can ...
Primitive Regulatory Authority On Virtual Currencies
Essential currencies have made headlines over the past few months, and have begun receiving attention from U.S. regulators while the list of companies that have ... sometimes called digital currencies or cryptocurrencies, do not happen in tangible form ...
All Things Alt: A Dogecoin Allying, Ire Over Isracoin and Crypto Commodities Go Wild
While the list of places where you can disburse your bitcoin is steadily ... this could be a fun and innovative way to pay for the event. A number of alternative cryptocurrencies have emerged in the past year that seek to back a proposed coin with a specialist ...
Beginner's marker to mining Litecoin, Dogecoin, and other Bitcoin variants
"Altcoin" is a problem-all term for cryptocurrencies based on the Bitcoin system ... and even Dogecoin have active communities and economies--you can view a list of altcoins sorted by sell cap here--but currently none are even a tenth as valuable as ...
Bitcoin Alternative HYPER Funding MMO Hiatus Game Development. Only 4 Days Of Mining Left.
While cryptocurrencies and MMOs seem like visible partners, an MMO which uses a cryptocurrency exclusively as its in game currency has never been seen before. HYPER will be sponsoring the development of a space-based online policy MMO / virtual world ...


List of alternative cryptocurrencies - Bitcoin
List of alternative cryptocurrencies. From Bitcoin. Leave out to: navigation, search. This article aims to list relevant cryptocurrencies, and is the only article allowed ...
List of all cryptocoins - Bitcoin Forum - Sign
All text has been added to the Wiki here... Alive and well: BTC Bitcoin -
... -
... -
The Hill of 200 Alternative Crypto Currencies
The Hill of 200 Alternative Crypto Currencies
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