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No one can pay you what you are worth so discover your ability to create income in the new millennium. Discover your ability to create income in the new millennium is called The Currency of the Future. It's not a new flashy company or a salary package. It's not a promising dot com or stock market strategy and it's not easy but it is the answer to making your life a masterpiece. In the new world of currency, planning doesn't start with financial projections, it begins with your dream. Our society is witnessing an explosion in non-conventional ways to answer the basic economic question, "How do I make a good living?" The next ten years will reveal a tidal-wave of opportunities through technology in home-managed professions. You can watch it happen around you or use this book and learn how to participate and profit. Whether you develop your own business or not, this book will steer you on a course that will benefit you, your family and friends. Brad's message to people is simple. "No one can pay you what you are worth. Only you can." The Currency of the Future contains multiple stories and lessons including "The Big Three" and Brad's "Achievement Cycle" that will improve the quality of your life forever. Let the insights of this book take you on a journey to discover your wealth in a new world.

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Brad DeHaven is a successful entrepreneur, a dynamic leader and a sought after speaker who inspires readers and audiences around the world to achieve greater levels of success. He addresses tens of thousands of men and women internationally each year on the subjects of business ownership and personal and professional development. Brad graduated from SDSU with an Engineering degree and later built a successful computer consulting business. Several years later he built a successful i-commerce business where he and wife Kim reached one of the most respected levels of achievement. He resides in San Diego with his wife and three children. Brad has also spoken to over 1 million people on four continents teaching entrepreneurship, life skills and home-managed business concepts for the information age.

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  • Publisher: Qford (2010)
  • Language: English

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Ryuho Okawa is the spiritual leader and founder of the Institute for Research in Human (IRH) Happiness. He has dedicated his whole life to the exploration of the spirit world and the different ways to human happiness. He was born in Japan and graduated from the University of Tokyo. He then joined a major Tokyo-based trading house and later studied international finance in New York. He has created IRH spiritual workshops for people from every demographic, from teenagers to business executives.

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