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In new weeks, a British-based "mining pool" called GHash has amassed nearly half of the Bitcoin computing power and has concisely gone over 50 per cent. Miners pool their computing power to spread the financial risk of their operations. If GHash amasses more than half of the computing power committed to Bitcoin,.


Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency - An Introduction (The What, Where, Who, Why, How)

Rectification: SHA58 is not how Bitcoin is enrypted as mentioned here - CRYPTOCURRENCY FACE...

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Irish 313 Irish 313 says:
Mining crypto-currency, does anyone do it, is it only done with an automated program (it sounds absolutely interesting)?
Also sounds fun. Do folks in point of fact make "real" money from it? I know crypto-currency can be traded on exchanges etc and you can also use it to pay for selected goods and services. I'm not just talking Bitcoin, also Litecoin, Quarkcoin, Peercoin, Primecoin...
dan says:
Mining is predominantly done via specialized machinery now. The two most common proof of work algorithms are SHA256 and Scrypt, although some crypto-coins use other novel methods they are quite rare. If you demand to...
Capitalism Triumphs Capitalism Triumphs says:
Will tax captivity go extinct when crypto currencies(Bitcoin) go mainstream?
Would liberalism go out of date? I think that's a more relevant question. Kitten, LMAO your hilarious ...XD What other history can you revise to suit your purposes? Divert me. Central banks were created so government could have a legal monopoly over...
harry says:
A nation still needs to provide services to its people regardless of currency and the accepted means of doing this is through a tax system. changing currency alone would not change the need for taxes.

Latest news Bitcoin miner takeover latest foreboding to cryptocurrency
The Bitcoin digital currency technique is in danger of losing its credibility as an independent payment system because of the growing power of a group that runs some of the computers behind it. In late weeks, a British-based "mining pool" called GHash

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SEC, FINRA and IRS matter bitcoin warnings
Bitcoin is one of a thousand of virtual currencies (often referred to as crypto currencies) that are not issued by any central bank or government. Some feel this is a positive since no particular control can control the value of a virtual currency.
Hacker Earns £365,000 Mining Dogecoin With NAS Boxes
The Theatre troupe calls it the single most profitable illegitimate crypto-currency mining operation to date. Synology launched an investigation into the matter in February, after a character reported that he found a process entitled ‘PWNED’ using up all of ...
Video Window-card Sales Have Dropped Severely, by 30-40%
And by risqu, we mean that sales have gone way down over the past two and a half months. It seems that no one actually realized how big the impact of crypto-currency had been on this particular fragment of the IT industry. You see, Bitcoins and other ...
Bitcoin durability threatened by mega mining pool
A distinct entity reaching this level of control is potentially very damaging to the crypto-currency, as its security rests on it being a distributed system. Unlike material currencies, which are controlled and minted by a single, central bank, Bitcoin and ...
New Singapore Manufacture Association to Promote Bitcoin Use, Best Practices
Bitcoin businesses in Singapore now have a new aggregation to promote their cause, with the formation of the Association of Crypto-Currency Enterprises and Start-ups, Singapore (ACCESS) on 30th May. ACCESS, which launched publicly just yesterday, represents ...

Directory, CryptoCurrency | . surpasses US$3 billion significance of transactions. by William Suberg @ 2014-06-06 11:30 AM Bitcoin is not the only component in virtual currency which is ...
Cryptocurrency - Wikipedia, the release encyclopedia
Most cryptocurrencies are designed to gradatim alumnae introduce new units of currency, ...
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My son has grace fascinated with bitcoins, and so I had to get him a tangible one for Xmas (thanks Sim1!). The public key is imprinted visibly on the tamper-evident holographic picture, and the private key lies underneath. I...
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whatsinyourbag whatisinyourbag
Evaluate asked me to do this for BoingBoing. I change my bag depending on whether it's likely I'll be riding a bike, snowmobile, etc. I also every so often carry an iPad. The...
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