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Currently the marketcap for Dogecoin is $35 million, inartistically 0. 6% of Bitcoin’s $5. 7 billion marketcap. To put Bitcoin’s marketcap in perspective, DirecTV was sold to AT&T this past week for $48. 5 billion. Thus, Bitcoin’s continuous marketcap is worth about 10% of DirecTV.

Bitcoin, Dogecoin and Other Cryptocurrencies as Dissolutely As Possible

Bitcoin, dogecoin and other cryptocurrencies are alternatives to more habitual currencies like bank notes and precious metals. Sponsor message: Give Audib...

Questions of Customers

Tristan F Tristan F says:
Shapely Bitcoin or Dogecoin Mining Software?
Hi, I am looking for a complimentary mining software for either Bitcoins or Dogecoins. I have a Nvidia GTX 770 and a AMD Phenom II with 6 cores at 3.6ghz. I tried QuadMiner and it didn't work well. Can someone mitigate me get a good miner and set it up? Thanks
Lucas Lucas says:
Where can I rumble a Bitcoin mining software for my company?
I'd like to commission available for my group of investors a software to mine Bitcoins, with their own computers. Where can I find it?
A says:
It's hollow to mine bitcoin with normal computers, even ones with fat AMD graphics cards in them, they'll only earn a fraction of the amount they spend on electricity mining any SHA256 invent because the mining...

Latest news

Cryptocurrency Advice Round-Up: Bitcoin Auction, Dogecoin Hacked & Ripple ...
The lightly made downward trend across the cryptocurrency markets that began earlier this week has turned into a more severe pass over, as the price of bitcoin plunged by almost $70 (£41.20) over the course of a few hours. While its value has somewhat recovered

Bing news

Feds to auction off $18 million value of Bitcoins from Silk Road seizures
In a paparazzi release, the USMS invited people to submit a bid for purchasing the Bitcoins. The transaction is strictly cash only, so don’t expect to be able to trade in your Dogecoins or Darkcoins. Joining the order requires an investment, though.
US popular agency computers misused to mine bitcoins
A researcher has been suspended from a US subject agency for misusing supercomputers to mine bitcoins at two universities ... the researcher mined an unspecified number of dogecoins that could have been worth hundreds of thousands of dollars.
Collective Networking and Virtual Currency Plays Havoc with NASCAR Voting
drugs and porn" that he would traverse it his mission to destroy all virtual currency in the future including bitcoins, dogecoins or any other virtual coin that is developed. How he plans to do that is uncertain. Not surprisingly, communities that aren't ...
The Later of Money-Like Things
Think about all the new computer-generated “coins”: There are Bitcoins, Dogecoins, Auroracoins and other “alt coins” that make World of Warcraft’s virtual “gold” sound quaint. We pay attention to that the “new gold” will be one new store of value or ...
10 things you should separate about Bitcoin and digital currencies
There are currently about 12 million Bitcoins in event ... As of March, more than 65 billion Dogecoins have been mined, and the production schedule of this cryptocurrency is in production faster than most. Earlier this year, the Dogecoin community ...


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With a tagline of ‘we ain't minin', we pickin’, Coinye West will be the latest accepted currency to launch as a rival to Bitcoin. The value of Bitcoin rose to over $1000 (£613) last year but is currently worth on all sides of $850...
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Bitcoins, Dogecoins, and RonPaulCoins, Oh My
Bitcoins, Dogecoins, and RonPaulCoins, Oh My
Mixed up by Bitcoins, Dogecoins, and Coinye? Here's an Introduction
Mixed up by Bitcoins, Dogecoins, and Coinye? Here's an Introduction
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